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Welcome to the Lansmans 50's-90's Photo Gallery.

Here are some photos from Lansman's Bungalow Colony from the 50's-90's.
Just click on the thumbnail picture to view the larger photo.



 Also, on this page are links to various Lansman's Photo Albums that are stored on various free online digital photo sharing services. If you have some pictures that you would like to share with your fellow Lansmanites then you must follow these steps:

1) Get the pictures onto your computer by scanning them (unless they are from a digital camera). They should be in JPEG format.

2) Assuming you have an internet connection and service provider (like AOL, AT&T Worldnet, MSN, etc.), you will then need to join one of the many FREE online photo sharing service providers such as:

Epson Photo Sharing Service
We're having a lot of success with the Epson service!
HP (Hewlett Packard) Photo Sharing Service
Yahoo Photo Sharing Service

Make sure that the service you choose allows "direct links to photo albums".  This means that we can link to those photo albums directly from this website.  A lot of us have been having a huge amount of success with the Epson Photo service.


They no longer allow linking to photo albums stored on their site from sites like this one. :(

If you are already a member of an online photo sharing service then you do not have to join a new one.  You may use that service as well as long as you can retrieve the URL of your photo albums.

3) Upload your pictures into one or more photo album(s) you have created with the FREE photo sharing web service providers from step 2. 

4)  Last, you will need to send an email to me and provide the URL (web address) of your photo albums so that I can create a link from this site so everyone can view your pictures/albums.

It may sound complicated but it is actually very easy. It may be a bit time consuming your first time but it will certainly be appreciated by your fellow Lansmanites. 

Lansman's Photo Albums

Mitch Bilder's Lansmans photos 

Lynn Morse Lederkramer's Lansmans photos

Ken Wiesen's Lansmans photos

Robin (Rosenblum) Rehder's Lansmans photos

1972 Counselors Photo (turn your speakers on first)

Joel Eisenberg's Lansmans photos

Ken Wiensen's 1967 Camp Photos

  Liz Kuster Loiselle's Photo Albums

Message from Mitch: To view Tumbleweed's photos you must first join his "Group" in Yahoo. Please follow Yahoo's instructions after you click on this link...
Steve (Tumbleweed) Bandel's Lansmans Photos

Mark Lederkramer's Photo Album

Mike Steiner's Photo Album

Click on the blinking eye to check out Project Identify 1967