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Welcome to Lansmans Online, dedicated to keeping great memories and the spirit of Lansman's Bungalow Colony alive. Post your pictures, share your stories, sign the guest book and visit often. Your friends, campers, counselors and porch partners are waiting to hear from you!

60 Years of Lansmans: A Short History.

"Lansmans Bungalow Colony was founded by Irving and Diana Lansman in 1945.  Starting with just 16 units and a main house (cuchalane), Lansmans grew to become one of the premier bungalow colonies in the Catskills. Marty Lansman was discharged from the Navy in 1945 and while attending college, joined Irving in the building and operation of Lansmans. As the years progressed, Marty became fully involved in the Colony.  Harriet Lansman was the first Camp Director in 1949 when there were only 45 campers, no camp buildings--- just army tents.  Later, Harriet, with her husband, Mark Wiesen, ran the concession and grocery store.  Mark was the Master of Ceremonies for the shows.  When Marty married Florence in 1957, Florence became very involved in Lansmans, including the general finances and the Day Camp.  Lansmans was Irvings Life. He was proud of the number of the lives Lansmans touched in a significant way.  Irving treated Lansmans as a child.  Irving's health waned later in life and the responsibilities fell more on Marty.  Later, Marty and Florence took over the full operation and ownership of Lansmans. The Lansman and Wiesen Family take great pride in the longevity and rich history of Lansmans Bungalow Colony."

Lansmans became a co-op in 1985, and is now the finest summer co-op and day camp in the Catskills.

Lansmans is located on Murphy Road, Woodbourne, N.Y.

Lansmans Online 1.5 was originated by Ken Wiesen,
designed and developed by Mitch Bilder (webmaster) and hosted by Adam Shapiro